Floyd Mayweather Jr Profile:

Status: Inactive

Ranking: N/A

Bouts: 49

Rounds: 387

KOs: 53% 

Birth name:  Floyd Joy Sinclair 

Alias: Money / Pretty Boy 

Born: 1977-02-24

Nationality: USA 

Debut: 1996-10-11 

Division: welterweight

Stance: orthodox

Height:  5′ 8″   /   173cm 

Reach:  72″   /   183cm 

Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 

Birth place: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 

Floyd Mayweather Next FItght: 6 Conditions Can Help Mayweather Win!

Floyd Mayweather is preparing for his fight with Conor McGregor scheduled in May. The preparations are almost complete and Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Tickets for the match are almost sold out. Everyone is cheering Mayweather for the win. But can Manny “Pac-man” (59 6 2) beat McGregor (16 0 1) convincingly? Well, it appears the man from Philippines has realistic chances of Stopping Floyd Mayweather but only under certain conditions. Let us look into the factors which may decide Pacquiao’s win in Floyd Mayweather Next Fight.

Mayweather is Slower than Ever!

Another reason why McGregor will have a great chance of winning the Floyd Mayweather next fight is that his opponent is slower than him. The American boxer is now 38 and he’s not getting younger. He’s regarded as the best defensive boxer there is but with age, the reflexes are slowing down. He’s been moving towards the edge of the ropes to get some support and breather. Although he doesn’t admit it, it looks like age is getting the better of him. Although Mayweather thinks by making fights close encounters he’s entertaining the crowd but the truth is, as long as the fight drags on, McGregor will have a greater chance to win Next Match with Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor is Training His Left Hand

This is another warning for Mayweather ahead of the fight in May. Conor McGregor has injured many with his left jab and he’s gone 12 rounds in his training sessions with just the left hand preparing for his Next fight with Mayweather. His trainer Freddie Roach mentions, 

“We did 12 rounds of left hand only. The right hand was never used.”

The McGregor camp is relying on reflexes and muscle memory to beat the unbeaten welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather in Next Fight.

If McGregor Scores Two Knockdowns!

Keith Thurman, the Welterweight champion of the world from WBA thinks, McGregor might have an outside chance if he can knock Mayweather down in the ring. He believes if McGregor can send Mayweather face-down in the ring, he has a better chance of winning. That doesn’t mean Mayweather will have to be hurt badly. McGregor needs to strike hard in Floyd Mayweather Next Fight of his (and multiple times too) to win over majority decision if possible.

Mayweather Has Too Much At Stake

We are talking about this over and over again. For Floyd Mayweather’s Next Fight, he has too much at stake. We know that the boxer from America has a perfect record of 47 wins out of 47 matches he fought in. He’s nearing his limit and retiring age. Mayweather will be keen to finish on a high note by winning. The expectations will be high off him. That is another reason why he could succumb into pressure. That is why McGregor has an even greater chance in next fight with Floyd Mayweather in line.

McGregor Looks Motivated and On a Role!

McGregor has never been better in his fighting career ahead of Floyd Mayweather Next Fight. The man from Philippines is coming of straight victories against two good boxers in the ring and both his matches convinced that McGregor looks every bit in his best shape yet. Manny’s last defeat came in 2012 and after that he bounced back at his opponents. So fans have every right to root for their idol and his chances for the next fight in May.

In May, world is about to see two of the top boxers face off against each other. Mayweather is an unbeaten boxer fighting to be “The Greatest Boxer that has Ever Lived” and on the other hand there is Conor McGregor who’s a fighter and knows to come hard at you whenever he’s knocked down. One is fighting for stainless record and the other fighting for his fans. Either way, the match will be interesting as we are going to see Defense vs. Offence and also which one is better. While Boxing world is almost certain that the American will win Floyd Mayweather Next Fight, no one is denying Pacquiao’s chance as well. It all comes down to these 5 indicators or conditions for Manny to seal his chances.